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Get Prices on a Porta Potty Rental

If you are looking for information and prices on porta potty rentals, then you've come the the right place. If you are just looking to get a quick price quote from one of the top porta potty suppliers in your area, then you can fill out the quick quote and you will be contacted by a few companies shortly. If you need some help deciding what type of porta potty to rent, or just general information about the process, you'll find it all right here on this page.

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Types of Porta Potties:

Construction Site Porta Potty

This is the most common type, and is the one that you see at construction sites, fairs, sports fields, schools and many other places. These are the cheapest, most basic units available and typically cost around $80-$100 dollars a month depending on how often it needs to be pumped and how many units you are renting, and for how long.

Special Event Porta Potty

These units are usually larger, cleaner, and come with built in sinks. They are often referred to as special event or VIP porta potties, and can cost anywhere from $125-$300 for a rental. If you need it for a weekend party or event, units will typically be dropped off on Friday and picked up on Monday, as few companies operate on the weekends. These units are perfect for parties, weddings, and indoor use. Some special event units are flushable with running water, but they are uncommon.

Handicapped and ADA Certified Wheel Chair Accessible Porta Potty

ADA Certified units are much wider than any other model and they come with ramps and hand rails. These units are often necessary to meet code and regulations for large events. ADA Certified units typically cost about $100-$125 a month for a rental with standard service included.

High Rise Porta Potty

High rise toilets are designed to be lightweight, compact and easy to maneuver and lift. They come with hooks on the top so that you can easily connect it to a crane and lift it to your desired location. High rise porta potties are very lightweight and you must be sure that they are locked into place once you get them to their location as some units have flown off buildings due to high winds.

The prices listed above are just an estimate, and do not include delivery charges, and optional insurance fees. For an exact price fill out a quote.

Common Uses:

  • Schools
  • Construction Sites
  • Fairs
  • Parks
  • Sports Fields
  • Parking Lots
  • Camp Grounds
  • Parties
  • Emergencies